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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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that they all pointed a finger at this man. he is also 56 years old. he was well-known to miss jones. he lived in the home briefly. did yard work for her. we had a chance to talk to amanda jones' daughter this afternoon and she reacted to the news that the man was in custody. >> i just want them to know and i'm sure that they nethey took a beautiful person from this world, from their family. from her 3-year-old granddaughter, that was her world, too. it was her granny. brad: that was her granny. amanda jones known in the neighborhood as a babysitter that provided in-home day care for many people. when we come back at 5:00, we have much more on the story including more reaction. emotional reaction from the victim's daughter. brad bell, abc7 news.
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>> unfortunately, we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. alison: well, vice president joe biden says he will not make a third run for the white house. jonathan: biden will remain vocal in trying to influence the democratic party. the senior political reporter scott thuman has more on the decision. the timing of the announcement caught a lot of folks off-guard. they knew he would announce this week. it's interesting with if benghazi hearings going on with hillary clinton. scott: you are right. the last couple of days he had been signaling perhaps a run. he had been talking a lot about the amount of one-on-one time he was spending with president obama to clarify his role in the decision-making process in the race for usama bin laden. so there were a lot of cards being played that led people on the hill he was going to announce a candidacy. but instead he sought donors and delegates had been lining
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up behind the people who would have been his competition. namely hillary clinton and bernie sanders. he is an emotional politician. he always has been. he spoke about that today. mentioning, of course, the loss of his son and how that played a part in his decision. vice president biden: i couldn't do this if the family wasn't ready. the good news is the family has reached that point. but as i said many times my family has suffered a loss. and i hope there would come a time and i said this to many other families that sooner rather than later when you think of your loved ones, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. well, that is where the bidens are today. thank god. beau, beau is our inspiration. scott: so vice president biden choosing to essentially close out a career it sounds like as
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the vice president. not taking what would have been a third run at the white house. and really all of this, jonathan and alison, serving as a virtual gift for hillary clinton, whose camp secretly had to be hoping this would be the decision. they didn't want him in the race. they knew he was getting a lot of numbers in polling that would draw away from her numbers and might make the campaign more difficult for her and bernie sanders as well. alison: thank you for that. staying with that idea now, this decision as he said from vice president biden does make it a clearer picture for the democratic party now. hillary clinton is the front-runner. followed closely by senator bernie sanders. former maryland governor martin o'malley and former senator lincoln chafee still in the running but far behind in the polls. jonathan: a d.c. council committee met today to discuss and hear your concerns over police body cameras. the city is still trying to figure out how to integrate the cameras in patrol and how the video will be used.
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stephen tschida is in northwest. chief lansdowne testified on what has become -- chief lanier talked abbottabad what has become a difficult issue for her. stephen: they talked about the body cameras and the proposal to use them. body camera and how the police views them. who sees the footage and the purpose that it serves at the city council hearing room today. police chief lanier addresses witnesses to crime captured by cameras. >> we would always protect the identity of a witness. stephen: what would be available to the public and the press? a current proposal called for numerous incidents, such as those involving assault, sexual assault or footage from a home. some believe it would defeat the purpose of outfitting the
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officers with the cameras. >> the police officers are being lambasted as performing bad acts. we want the police to have about -- we want the public to have access to what we do so we can counter that. the vast majority of the officers do the right thing. stephen: they namedded a number of questions about the body cameras. going forward before the counsel take action on this we expect there will be a lot of give-and-take, revision to the mayor's proposal. we have to stay tuned to see how it progresses over the next few months. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. someone shot 150 birds near pikeville. maryland police say it happened late last month so they are circulating a flyer here. they were found outside a building in pikesville. they describe it as unusual because it must have taken quite a long time to target
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more than 100 robin yous. it turns out robins are protected by state and federal law. jonathan: now to an update on a story you only saw here on abc7 yesterday. medical waste scattered across maryland 197 in bowie. we know it came from the bowie health center. a part of the dimensions healthcare system. the company says it contracted republic services to pick up nonhazardous waste. we found dried blood i.v.'s, even diapers littering the side of the road. it was all cleared up. it was cleaned but we are working to figure out how exactly the mess got on road to begin with. metro said it's testing on the blue, orange, silver line is going well and normal service is expected to resume by the end of the year. it has been running fewer train across the corridor since the transformer blew a month ago. if there are no issues in this testing phase, then full service will be restored immediately. alison: new stage for the
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alexandria murder trial. prosecutor made a case against the defendant charles severance and today her legal team will begin the defense. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg stepped out of the fairfax county house. what seems to be the strategy after days of emotional testimony? jeff: really trying to poke a lot of holes in what the prosecution has said. we are hearing from virginia severance, the mother of charles severance. late this afternoon we heard from stan severance, charles severance's father. both of them talking about charles severance's struggle with mental illness over the years and often times he would speak from sentence to sentence, not changing the suspect, showing signs of behavior that had them concerned. especially during times of stress. this is video of stan severance following charles severance's arrest in 2014. mr. severance said his son became angry after losing the child custody battle in alexandria. he was very distrustful of the mental health system. while family members
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encouraged charles severance to seek mental health counseling. he was shown this surveillance video of the alexandria target in december of 2003, taken before the murder of nancy dunning saying the man in the video was not charles severance. that contradicts the claims argued by the prosecution last week. the first defense witness was darren strange, psychologist and expert on memory. while not specifically discussing the shooting at the home of ruthanne lodato in questioning, defense cast a lot of dut on the testimony from the family care-taker from earlier in the trial. franco who was also shot in the incident. she identified severance as the shooter. >> people recall the detail of the color of the gun, what it looks like, not necessarily about anything else. because their attention was on the thing that could hurt them. jeff: the defense really trying to poke a lot of holes in the claims that the prosecution made by displaying
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their case. that taking place this morning in regard to the writings of charles severance. we will have more on that at 5:00. as well as some new surveillance video that was just released in the last hour. more on that and an update on what is going on inside the courthouse coming up at 5:00. live in fairfax. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: on the hill today, representative paul ryan said he is willing to take the speaker's ga vel from john boehner as the next speaker of the house if his conditions are met. the republicans will vote on the nominee a week from today. the house will vote the following day. ryan wants to make sure he has the backing of his party and will not face challenges if he becomes the speaker. jonathan: virginia county now has voted to ban the confederate flag in schools. last month, two dozen christianburg high school students were suspended for wearing clothing displaying the flag. the mont gom i can county school board voted unanimously to come one a clothing policy to been a all confederate flag
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displays from the school property. christiansburg high school banned the flag in 2002. honoring a hero. d.m.v.'s own batman killed in a crash in august. today he is remembered in a big way, and a meaningful one. kevin lewis shows us how at the d.c. national children's hospital. >> hi, how are you? kevin: 15 superheroes spent the day bringing joys to kids with cancer. at childrens national health, they set to honor the life of lenny robinson. he is remembered for visiting children at hospitals across the country. >> night wing. >> cat woman. reporter: these defenders knew lenny batman well and considered him the superhero godfather. >> he would come in. the rest of us were invisible. it was awesome. amazing. >> he told them how strong they were and how brave they were. it gave me so much strength it
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made me want to do it more. >> you will be strong and we will get better. kevin: while lenny batman won't be seen in the rooms or the halls again, his legacy is awfully visible. in northwest, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. jonathan: so sweet. alison: nice that other people are picking up where he left off. jonathan: just to see one of the kids smile, it's the best. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a new outlet mall is under construction. alison: patron of the pizza place fighting back against crime. the shop in southeast has been robbed several times this year. how the customers are standing up for the shop. that's next. jonathan: it's right out of an 1980's movie. not talking about "back to the future." hacking to change class records. student accused of doing that. like in "war crimes" or ferris
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jonathan: fighting back against crime. update we brought you last week about a pizza shop that had been robbed several times
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this year. five to be exact. if community has come together and they bought cameras for the shop. they are up so don't mess with mama's business -- pizza or they will find you. they love her. these are stories about how communities are fighting back against crime. log on to and click on the "7 on your side" tab. alison: a transformation beginning today in montgomery county. ground breaking on a new outlet mall got underway. sam sweeney shows us the new site. and has details on when you can shop for the discounts. sam: good afternoon. this is an exciting moment for the folks in the montgomery county but the d.m.v. i hope you have a shopping list prepared, because this is a massive sight. 392,000 square feet of retail space. look at it now. wide open construction site. but over the next year it will transform. take a look at the screen. you will see a rendering of
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what the site will look like once the 92 retailers move in. we will see burberry, j. crew and banana republic. upscale shopping and upscale dining and it is going to transform the area. it will create 500 construction jobs over the next year and 800 full-time and part-time jobs once the facility is open. we spoke with the developers about why they chose montgomery county. let's listen. >> first of all, montgomery county is one of the welcoming counties in the area. not only do we draw from the montgomery population base, we draw from baltimore and from washington, d.c. and tourist population as well. this will be a great tourist destination as well. sam: with the construction underway if it goes according to plan you could be shopping here by next october. i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. alison: well, a new shot is promising to help fight something that nearly 70% of
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all americans have. that is a double chin. recently approved f.d.a. injection using a naturally occurring substance in the body to digest the fat we eat to destroy fat cells. double chin is a universally dreaded and hard to fix sign of weight gain or aging. it's the only product to melt or dissolve fat under the chin. >> we inject it into an area right underneath the chin. fat cells rupture. the body flushes the dead fat cells out of the body over the next few months. alison: doctors say for the best results patients should get two to four treatments. each shot can be between $1,000 and $1,500. jonathan: there are three high school students out there that are in trouble. they are accused of hacking the school's computer system and they were in court today. the 17-year-olds altered the schedules of 300 students. while they were at it, they
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altered grades for two opportunities at the long island high school. officials say daniel sores is the mastermind of this. some are calling him a modern day ferris buehler. officials say this is no laughing matter. >> consider him to be the ring leader. he is the student that access the school computers on each of the events that they are charged with. >> whole investigation is done. jonathan: buehler? buehler? they used a device known as a key lager to steal passwords and access the center. he is charged with burglary, computer tampering and identity theft. alison: get a check on the traffic situation. joy pons in the traffic center. joy: i wish i had better news. we have beltway accidents. get in and look live at the beltway. we had one on the camera. we are seeing a backup as you make your way on the outer loop.
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that is causing delays as well. we are still wrapping up an accident landover on the left lane. inner loop we have an accident approaching 295 in left lane. we are looking live at college park. making way from the 270 spur to college park. sun glare is a factor. looking live at eastbound 66 and westbound 66. early slowing as you make your way to the fairfax county parkway and centreville. live at nutley street. delays southbound 95 now raz you make your way to the prince william parkway. get an early start. washington boulevard, and now back to you. jonathan: joy, thanks. keep this in mind. october 21st today, 2015. hop in the delorean and punch it to 88 miles per hour. boom, back to the future you go. today is the day that doc brown and marty mcfry. coming up we have more
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featuring the trilogy. today going by ill valley. "back to the future" home. still need a hover board. alison: amazing. jonathan: we are getting close. i see guys standing on the things and segway without a helmet. alison: in the movie you remember thinking 2015 was just so far away. it's crazy. brian: here we are. only in our 30's. alison: yeah! give me 20's. brian: exactly. we have a really nice afternoon on the way. nice evening ahead. outdoor dining plans. maybe watching the kids practice this everything. it will be beautiful out there. getting ready for the marine corps marathon atop the cameras in rosslyn. 73 degrees. reagan national airport. winds out of the south at 8. dew point, the humidity is in check. beautiful out there. 77 in leesburg. 75 in manassas. culpeper coming in at 75.
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hard pressed to find anything at all on the radar. scattered clouds well west of us. not going to amount to a lot. high pressure to the south. it stays in control overnight. most of the day tomorrow. cold front is going to drop our temperatures. we'll fall in the 50's. moving in the overnight hours to wake up tomorrow morning. north and the western southern likely. see the temperatures in the 40's. inside the beltway. tomorrow 50 to 51. cooler to the north and west. highs, 76 degrees. mostly sunny skies. winds stay out at the southwest 5 to 10. we have a look at the seven-day outlook in the middle 60's on saturday. don't forget the marine corps marathon on sunday. we'll see a chance for passing showers. don't think it will amount to a lot. nothing to delay it. temperatures rebounding by the afternoon to the upper 60's. by the afternoon, the race will be done. jonathan: you know what made me last. i was in ocean city in the
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huge storm, i turn around and a guy with a marine shirt and he is running. nothing will delay them from running. >> a sight to see. alison: we'll see you soon. chris rock will be hosting the academy awards. what are the organizers saying about him and why some are questioning that pick coming up. jonathan: plus, he starred in movies wearing very little clothing but this costume is all the buzz for channing tatum. what he actually wrote.
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alison: channing tatum posted this and he said he scared some of his daughter's friends. jonathan: he looks like a stalker. don't mind me. alison: a little creepy. jonathan: it's official. comedian chris rock will host the academy awards. last time he got the celebrities in the mood because he was picking on them. return to the stage for rock who hosted the oscars in 2005. some people criticize the confrontational comedic style. others praise him because he is smart and often times right. in a statement today two academy award producers called rock the m.v.p. of the entertainment industry. the oscars air february 18 on
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abc. the folks at home like it. alison: it changes the tone depending who is up there. jonathan: we'll see. battle brewing between politicians and the press. and spelling is all that matters. alison: members of congress facing off against members of the news media tonight for a spelling bee. tradition that spans all the way back to president woodrow wilson's administration. it continues at the national press club ballroom. jonathan: who would win this? i'd think the media. alison: you'd think so. but we'll see. tim kaine won in 2013. tonight he will try to defend his title of best speller in the u.s. competition is underway at 7:00. i'm surprised they can make time in their schedules there is so much going on in the hill. jonathan: we are always using spell check. coming up at 4:00, road rage leads to the murder of a 4-year-old girl. horrible story. the busy interstate that was
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shut down for a while and the all-out manhunt for the killer. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in charles county. i will tell you how the warning outside has helped a school achieve national
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: well, in charles county, teachers are extending learning beyond textbook and classrooms. kellye lynn shows us how the approach helped a school in
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indian head achieve national recognition. kellye: trash disposal at the elementary school isn't as simple as it once was. instead of one option to trash, the students at the indian head school now have several. >> now we have the trash bin for food, scraps, big bins and plastic one. kellye: it's part of an effort to reduce the school's carbon footprint. around here, green in a way of life. >> it takes everybody feel they are doing something to make a difference. >> the old approach, styrofoam trays. this school gives nearly 500 of these per day. the new approach, reusable plastic trays and real silverware. >> do you think we could make it stronger? kellye: outside the school, outdoor classrooms and the area known as the wetlands. >> this used to be a plain ground. now it's created an ecosystem. >> it helps plants and animals
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and the different organisms survive. kellye: sustainability that hasn't gone unnoticed. the national wildlife federation named j.c. park one of the top ten ecoschools. >> the education outside of the school to the rest of the world. >> we will bring out micro scopes. see how everything is connected. >> we are helping the world become a better place. kellye: in indian head, kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: smart kids out there, too. the national wildlife federation named centreville elementary school in virginia one of america's top ten ecoschools. jonathan: thank you very much. look behind me. isn't that nice? blue skies today. so pretty. hope you got to enjoy. these are the days we feel like we're stealing. you wore shorts out there today. >> shorts, short sleeves. it feels great. tomorrow will be nicer. look at the temperatures! we are talking 77 degrees in leesburg. 73 at reagan normal airport. cooler in annapolis where it's
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64 degrees. we will keep temperatures comfortable and warm. moving through the overnight hours. the evening hours. as we move in the overnight hours it will cool down. satellite and radar. mainly clear right now. a few very, very scattered clouds south and west of d.c. we widen the view out. you look for cloud cover a bit thicker to the north. tonight's temperature around 50 degrees. mainly clear skies. we will see winds out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. the day planner tomorrow shows the temperatures cool early on. lower 50's. bright sunshine by noontime. outdoor lunch. take advantage of the sunshine and the warm temperatures. around 70 degrees with the highs eventually will make it in the middle 70's. the next seven days we will be in the upper 60's on friday. 55 on saturday. we will have the marine corps marathon on sunday. temperatures in upper 60's. dropping to the lower 20's by monday and tuesday next week.
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overall a nice forecast for the next seven days. keep the showers, hopefully see most of the showers out of here for the marathon. jonathan: steve. thank you very much. alison: good news. thank you. updating a story we brought you in august. anthony gordon died in police custody. an investigation found it was natural causes. gordon was in a medical unit before being rushed to the hospital. he was convicted of assault and sentenced to five years in prison. this was the first in-custody death in arlington since early 2013. jonathan: there is an easy way to figure out what hospital might be the best for you if you need one. they are rolling out an online system for you to check up on hospitals. hospitals will be graded on infections, patient safety, satisfaction and readmission rates among other categories. report cards will be available on the vhha website. hopefully we'll link it to our site, alison: meanwhile, maryland is
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considering a contract to hire auditors to go through 18,000 income tax returns. the state and the counties have to refund residence who were double taxed based on a u.s. supreme court ruling. some part of maryland taxed residents on money earned in other states. the -- jonathan: eyewitness came forward in new mexico after deadly road rage confrontation. in the end, a 4-year-old little girl was police. elizabeth hur has the police's plea for help. elizabeth: seeking justice for lilly garcia. her family and the police are feeding with the public to help find her killer. authorities now describing the man who fled the crime scene in new mexico as a white male. possibly hispanic in his 20's or 30's. with a goatee and an average build driving maroon or dark toyota four-door sedan and tinted windows. >> we are begging for the community's help.
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we need to rise up and say enough is enough. >> the daughter is not conscious. 4 years of age. >> 4-year-old lilly was in the backseat of her parent's pickup truck with the 7-year-old brother yesterday when their car and the other vehicle engaged in a road rage incident in albuquerque. ending with the suspect's shooting and killing her. >> the cars were both moving. one car pulled up against the other car and fired a round. >> i will need the freeway shut down. >> for hours police shut down the busy highway sweeping the area for the suspected gunman. to no avail. today, a gofundme page has been set up to pay for lilly's funeral. as the police continue to ask anyone with knowledge of the shooting to do the right thing. >> this is something that should not be happening in albuquerque, new mexico. let alone anywhere else in the united states. >> meanwhile, strangers from across the country are responding with an outpouring of love and money for lilly and the garcia family. raising more than $30,000 in
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to help pay for her funeral. in new york. i'm elizabeth hur, abc7 news. jonathan: i hope they find the gunman. federal investigators now are searching for the person who is setting churches on fire in st. louis, missouri. a.t.f. investigators believe it's just one person that may have set fire to six predominantly black churches in the past two weeks. all the fires are within three miles of each other and started at the front doors. each in the dead of night. >> it's arson. these are intentionally set. very similar type of fires. so they are suspicious. it could be considered hate crime. >> these are located near ferguson, missouri, where the residents are still recovering from the racial tension after shooting death of an unarmed teenager by police. michael brown. alison: ole miss could take out a symbol of the confederacy. they voted to remove the mississippi state flag from the campus of the university of mississippi. part of the state flag includes the confederate battle flag.
4:37 pm
the vote from the senators is non-binding and there system support on campus for keeping the flag up. several colleges in mississippi have already taken it down. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- wine heist caught on camera. where the barrels were found and how much the hall was worth. jonathan: plus, we might not be able to afford a ferrari. lots of us aren't able to do that but you might get a piece of the company. how you can do that. when
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alison: some thieves in oregon have a taste for fine wine. the criminals cut a chain link fence right here and then they rolled barrels of wine into their van. but get this. this is not the first time they hit the winery. the owner of the winery says it has been hit three times for a total of 17 barrels worth. more than $10,000. >> it's a crippling feeling. it's just like feeling everything is knocked out of you. what do you do now? alison: well, there is a silver lining to the story. the owner found the barrels at a local scrap yard and wine was in them. what is going on there? jonathan: maybe canceled the
4:41 pm
party. investigators are rushing to buy up stock in ferrari. or as my italian friend corrects me. ferrari. they priced the initial offering at $52 a share. they closed out at $55. stock sale value ferrari, the investors say at more than $10 billion. alison: well, now to subway. where they are literally going to start measuralling the -- measuring the sandwiches. they were measured and they were only 11 inches for the foot long sandwich. so now it will be measured. final hearing will be heard early next year. thank goodness! jonathan: i thought the game of golf only matters in inches. subway sandwiches it does, too. who knew? alison: they take it seriously. coming up at 4:00, why toyota issues another major recall. why millions need to take the
4:42 pm
car back to the shop and which models are affected. >> good afternoon. why reston changed the name to hill valley and what is the delorean doing here? we
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jonathan: there is new information this afternoon about the cargo ship that vanishedded during hurricane joaquin. the ntsb now says the captains did report a hull breach before losing contact with the coast guard. authorities believe that el faro sank near island of the bahamas and in a recorded call the captain reported water on board. and also a loss of the propulsion system. the ship passed inspections earlier this year and the safety criteria. alison: well, with more than 50 stitches and his foot bandaged, a man attacked by a shark is sharing his story. peter was surfing monday off the florida coast when he was bitten. he was kicking his feet when he saw the five-foot spinner shark coming up behind him. >> i felt him bite my foot and then i see him jump out of the
4:46 pm
water. i fell off my board. that was the last i saw of him. alison: despite the scar and the intense pain from the bite he says he can't wait to be released from the hospital and you guessed it, get back in the water. he says hopefully he won't get bit again but, "who knows?" jonathan: he kept all toes so he can hang ten. we have all missed a flight. it's safe to say most of us have not run on the tarmac to catch it until now. this defines "knucklehead." mark was late and he says wait, don't wait without me. he made a dash and ran out on the tarmac and tried to stop the plane. really? smart guy. airport workers quickly surrounded the guy. the stunt will cost him he was sentenced to two years pro base and a hundred hours of community service. >> this is a crime. it has to be treated that way. it's simply too dangerous out there. jonathan: no question. why did he do it? according to reports he was heading to his 40th high
4:47 pm
school reunion and he didn't want to miss it. perhaps he should have been on time then. alison: well, at least he knows they will all be talking about him at the reunion. jonathan: no kidding. cost him two years probation to get to the reunion. alison: "7 on your side" with this consumer alert and the word of a recall from toyota. recalling 6.5 million cars to fix a problem with the power windows. the switches can short circuit and catch fire. there are reports of the burnt door trim and report of a driver who burned their hand. the vehicles affected made 2005-2010. the entire list on the website >> despite settling lawsuits tied to the massive recall over the ignition switch problem. general motors posted a record profit in the third quarter. just after noon today the shares were up nearly 6%. the gains are thanks to strong sales in the u.s. alison: but unfortunately for coca-cola, diet coke sales are dwindling. they dropped 8% worldwide.
4:48 pm
diet drinks struggled since it showed the artificial ingredients may have made them less effective. still to come on "abc7 news at 5:00" tonight -- emergency measures. what metro is doing to try to ensure calls for help are heard. jonathan: but today is the day we take a look at what the creators of "back to the future" got right about the year 2015. hear what one of the film's creators are saying about the inspiration for buff cannon looking prophetic today. alison: funny one. jonathan: today is "back to the future" day and we'll talk about in a second. i think we're talking about weather. no, "back to the future." alison: we go back to the weather later. jonathan: the date punched in the delorean and it's october 21, 2015. alison: here we are! really at this point in the day, this is the future. based on when doc and marty
4:49 pm
arrived. kidd o'shea is in resten they renamed hill valley. how is it going out there? reporter: you can see behind me they have changed the name here at the movie theater. welcome to hill valley. and for the next five days, resten will be hill valley. a town in california where marty mcfly lived in "back to the future." if you don't remember, take a look at the video in the second "back to the future." the delorean takes marty and doc to the future, wednesday, october 21, 2015. the film festival kicks off today and they are honoring the 30th anniversary of "back to the future" with a showing of the trilogy marathon at 7:00 p.m. we just learned that has now sold out. outside the theater here as we come back live. a crowd gathered here in let's say downtown hill valley. they are here because of the
4:50 pm
excitement around the movie. of course "back to the future" day. this gentleman, marty mcfly. >> how are you doing? >> good. thank you for being with us. you have want to show off the car that everybody has been taking selfies off. this is your delorean you have turned into a time machine. >> it is. stock delorean. i converted it to "back to the future" time machine. >> how did this start? >> i watched the trilogy and said i want to build a time machine in the replica of the "back to the future" time machine. >> you had to ask your wife for permission? >> that was the hardest part. >> how did she respond? >> she said, "that's the craziest thing i have ever heard." >> look at what you have create and the fans. what has it been like? you have been here all day. >> the fans are great. they are respectful. they love the car. this should have been listed in the credit as a cast member. it's such a popular thing. if you drive it on the road or
4:51 pm
park it in the parking lot you get big smiles. they love the car. >> on sunday christopher lloyd will be here, doc from "back to the future" and there are rumors of how he gets to the red carpet. >> i hope he does it in my car. i'm praying hard. pray for me. pray with me! >> big round of applause for bringing this here and doing this today for free. [applause] we are in downtown hill valley. i'm kidd o'shea, abc7 news. back to you. jonathan: thank you. not only does he look like michael j. fox but that is one of the great line of the movie wearing the vest. you're wearing a life preserver. why are you wearing a life preserver? alison: and his calvins. funny. >> this is amazing. steve: 70's today. 70's tomorrow. a cold front on friday. weekend. we'll talk about the weekend forecast. saturday is a lot cooler. temperatures are around 63 degrees. still nice deal of sunshine. but sunday, we may see a
4:52 pm
shower or two as we move through the afternoon hours. shouldn't amount to a lot. tree color forecast looking nice. especially in western maryland. garrett, allegany, washington counties. closer to the d.c. metro. not so much. however, g.w. parkway beautiful ride. moving through the next couple of days. the marine corps marathon, oh, boy, it's sunday morning. early on we see temperatures in the middle 50's. by 8:00 in the morning as we head to the 10:00 hour. 65 by noontime. my understanding these are good temperatures to run in. you may see a stray shower but don't count on a lot. look at the next seven days calling for a high of 62 on monday. lower 60's on tuesday. around 65 on wednesday. head over to traffic. joy? joy: thank you, steve. happy hump day. i wish i had better news. look live at the beltway. south of the 270 spur.
4:53 pm
we have problems there. the outer loop crash, g.p. parkway has been cleared. brake lights and the inner loop through virginia already slow. toward 270. the outer loop past braddock lane with an earlier problem off the shoulder. looking at 270, montrose avenue. northbound from the beltway to the truck scales. get an early shot. westbound 66. next camera looking rivalling at route 50. toward metro station. back to you. alison: thank you, joy. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- who is spending your money? the real danger of storing credit card information online. find out how easy it is for someone else to spend your
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4:56 pm
alison: we are following breaking news out of new york where the body of a police officer killed in the line of duty last night is being moved. we have live pictures of the
4:57 pm
ambulance as it is driving through the city. officer randolph holder shot in the head in a shoot-out in east harlem 8:30 last night. the suspect tyronne howard is in custody. you can see folks out there lining the streets. jonathan: well, a new red flag about storing your credit card information online. it's supposed to make purchasing process that much easier on you. a man found somebody used his information to buy hundred of dollars worth of concert and theater tickets. john matarese shows you how to protect yourself so you don't waste your money. john: concert or theater tickets are great, except if someone else buys them and you get billed for it. a man's experience should be caution for anyone in the d.c. area with a ticket master or stubhub account. steve is a huge grateful dead fan. >> this is a greatful dead anthology. john: he has dozen of the band's c.d.'s, dead head sign over the door and always on ticket master looking for tickets to dead shows. but someone pulled a wicked
4:58 pm
trip on him. featuring six tickets to the broadway musical "wicked." e-mail from ticket master alerted him he purchased tickets to a broadway show he never heard of. >> $895 minute -- $895.70. >> ticket master will hold your credit card number for your convenience. but the problem is, if someone logs into your account they buy tickets in seconds. >> once they got in my account it was easy. i have two credit cards stored in there. >> we checked with ticket master and learn there is no hack or breach of the site. it appears that someone grabbed steve's log-in credentials and since his credit card was saved on the site they had on easy time to purchase tickets. never store a debit card number on a website. the not use the same user name
4:59 pm
and pass worth on multiple sites. ticket master refunded steve's money but he says for the next long strange concert ticket he won't keep his card number on the site. my advice never share the user name or passwords between sites, especially if they are financial site that involves banking or credit card. so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. >> tonight -- >> it's like my whole world, the most important woman in my life. leon: murder at the scene at shooting announce major break in the case. body cams seem like a no-brainer. but not around here. supporters and opponents sound off. hard-earned money held hostage. >> it's mine. you are holding it captive for what purpose? leon: this woman pays a fee to get paid early but she is getting excuses instead. 7 is putting the rush back into her rushcard. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side.
5:00 pm
>> i will not be silent. i will speak out to influence as much as i can, where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. leon: with that, vice president joe biden ended speculation to whether he was going to make a run at the presidency this time next year. his powerful and emotional announcement came at the rose garden his wife and president obama by his side. we have a look at the decisions impact on 2015. the guessing game is over but it was fun. scott: you said it. this may have been surprise for people closest to joe biden. he made earlier runs at the white


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